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In-Vehicle Unit (IVU)

Track your vehicles, trailers and other assets with ease using affordable 3G and GPS enabled technology.

Transtech’s In-Vehicle Units (IVU) have become the first in Australia to be Type-Approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA). The use of Type-Approved IVUs ensure Transtech’s customers continue to obtain strong assurance in the use of its telematics, peace of mind for its services and a platform for the future.

Transtech’s IVUs have proved themselves as a strong investment; designed, built, tested and delivered for the IAP (Intelligent Access Program) and OBM (On-Board Mass) market with forward-planning to the upcoming EWD (Electronic Work Diary) program.

in vehicle unit IVU

In-Vehicle Unit (IVU)

At the heart of the vehicle, the IVU is a flexible and robust solution for operators. It provides a broad range of features including secure data logging, a connection to engine management and on-board scales, with the integrated ability to provide GPS vehicle tracking.

At the heart of the vehicle, Transtech’s IVU is a reliable, flexible and robust solution for operators. It provides a specialised range of features including secure data logging, tamper evidence, integrated ability for GPS vehicle tracking and more. Connected to the cellular network for the effective communication of information, the IVU is built for not only fleet and location management applications; it also delivers a vital link to engine management for vehicle and driver behaviour and on-board scales for On-Board Mass applications. It is the fleet management tool of choice for progressive transport operators in Australia.


Key Features & Benefits

 Certified & Type Approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA).

 IAP certified, meeting more than 30 electrical and environmental standards.

 It is evident if the unit has been physically tampered with.

 IP65 rated enclosure, ensuring the unit will survive harsh environments.

 Second-by-second accident analysis when required.

 Ample connection ports – serial port for on-board scales units and more.

 Will operate for more than a week even if power is disconnected via internal battery backup.

 Huge storage capacity, it will store history for months and send when back in range


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