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Simple, easy and effective method of communication between the back-office and drivers

As time progresses, the availability and channels of communication have become abundant. Technology has altered the face of information and how it travels.

Transportation is one of the biggest industries in Australia and remains an industry that relies heavily on interpersonal communication through all aspects of an operation. Drivers can often be out in the field for days on end, not returning to the depot when on the job. This is especially the case for linehaul operations where drivers are seen travelling interstate to freight the nation’s goods.

Communication serves as a foundation for planning and organising; it is a fundamental factor in effective service to customers. It also provides the platform to motivate individuals with sound words of encouragement for a job well done. Communicating isn’t a simple process, but Transtech has built a modern solution utilising the iFace, a 7″ invehicle touchscreen device, to deliver a powerful yet simple communication method.


Why messaging on the iFace and NextGen?

It utilises already proven platforms, that is – the iFace and NextGen, a cloud-based portal, giving access to an application that allows staff to communicate with drivers in vehicles all in real-time.

Messaging for back office staff

Messaging for the Back-Office

With a single inbox view in NextGen, all back-office staff are able to message any given driver at any time. Management are no longer required to chase individual inboxes. Messages are conversational based, providing the ability to see who messaged which driver and what the replies were without losing previous messages or tracking back through messages.

Messaging for the driver

Messaging for the Drivers

Drivers can view all messages from a single view – they can see all the interaction between the back-office and the drivers of the vehicle. It provides a notification when a new message is received for the driver to be able to view as soon as the message is received.


Message Acknowledgement

A poweful feature in the messaging application on the iFace and NextGen is driver acknowledgement. When a staff member sends a message from NextGen to the driver, the iFace does not allow the driver to complete any other action without first reading and acknowledging the message.

The application provides assurance to management and staff that drivers have seen and read the message. Status information is displayed within the sent message on NextGen that show whether the message was received, read and/or acknowledged.


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