iface compliance fatigue management transport solutions


All-in-one compliance and fleet reporting portal

NextGen by Transtech, is the latest vehicle and fleet operational technology solutions available. The solution provides the ability to manage your operation from the one place, from basic fleet and vehicle administration to high level compliance and audit reporting, it has it all.

NextGen gives transport operators a thorough management system, autonomous control over the operational elements. Operators are able to manage and control at their own pace. It’s the simplest solution, allowing you to manage your business with ease.

How does NextGen work?

NextGen is based on a subscription service. What this means is that it allows the operator to choose what modules and application are required to meet productivity and efficiency goals. Subscribe and pay for what is required to run a smooth operation. Don’t worry though, their is the ability to upgrade a subscription at any point. An entire fleet and compliance management solution available from anywhere.

iface compliance fatigue management transport solutions

NextGen at a Glance


Complete Dashboard

The dashboard is a unique landing point of NextGen that provides an encapsulated view of any given operation. This one module doesn’t require back-office staff to drill-down to different sections for information, it’s right there.

It features a summary table of information, a tracking map giving staff an overall view of where vehicles are located, the latest alerts & notifications along with a list of your vehicles, their drivers, vehicle details, locations, mass and more.

Applications & Modules

NextGen is a module based system. It allows back-office staff to complete specific actions and interact with NextGen in a simple manner. These applications aren’t standalone – the information is linked together to provide staff with the most up-to-date information.


Tracking & Location Management

At it’s very heart, NextGen provides you with the most efficient and ever-expanding tracking system that features a search function, replay tracking and displays integral tracking information that is required to follow vehicles in real-time.

Advanced Reporting

NextGen provides a thorough reporting system that uses real-time data and converts into easily understand information to make better and more informed decisions and decisively plan for the future.

Available around the clock, users have the options to schedule reports, select specific dates, filter through information and PDF, Excel as well as print.


Real-time Alerts

NextGen is built within an advanced alerting and notifiction system. What does this mean? See events as they occur, not after the fact via instant notification within NextGen, SMS or email. Each event is broken down with detailed information about what occurred, when, who, how, what happened directly before and after, and more.

Autonomous Administration System

NextGen provides operators with an easy-to-use standalone management and administration system that allows the operator to control fleets, vehicles, devices, users, roles, locations and more.

With simple and sortable tables in an administration view with clear & concise forms, everything management needs to manage the operation is at their finger tips.



Key Features & Benefits

Next generation technology to protect your investment

 Real Time Notifications to help solve your operational issues

 Drill down to specific details with ease

 Designed from the ground up, specific for the transportation industry

 Clean and simple display, designed for ease of use

 Ongoing updates

 Subscription based – only pay for what you need!

 Dashboard that encapsulates your operation in one screen.

 Detailed vehicle and fleet information

 Advanced administration system

 Advanced yet simple tracking system

 Fatigue management for both operational staff and drivers built in

 Live reporting for the little details that all count


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