pre-trip checklist and mass compliancepre-trip checklist and mass compliance

Mass Manager & Pre-Trip Checklist

Peace of mind in your NHVAS mass and maintenance compliance.

Mass Management Mass Compliance

Mass Manager

Mass Manager for NHVAS is Transtech’s latest offering to assist transport operators with the collection of NHVAS Mass Management information. Mass Manager provides drivers with the ability to record axle group mass and vehicle configuration directly on the iFace, along with trip details as required under NHVAS.

The information is available immediately in the office for printing or export to Excel ready for your NHVAS auditor. Mass Manager eliminates paperwork from the truck and the office at the same time. Productivity savings are made by not having to re-key data, which also results in higher accuracy of NHVAS data.

In response to industry feedback, Transtech has added the ability for the driver to display the last ten mass declarations recorded. This information can then be presented to an enforcement officer when requested. Back-office staff will continue to view the declarations through NextGen in real-time.

Pre-Trip Checklist Vehicle Maintenance

Pre-Trip Checklist

A simple way to help ensure drivers are declaring readiness for duty and complying with both the Chain of Responsibility obligations and their NHVAS Vehicle Maintenance module regulations.

Pre-Trip Checklist is an application that enables drivers to go through a pre-defined vehicle safety inspection and driver fit-for-duty checklists. All available for the driver electronically, it provides an efficient method of recording compliance information in real-time, reducing the amount of paperwork.


Using Pre-Trip Checklists to Improve Internal Workflow Processes.

Driver’s may be out of the depot for days at a time, especially when considering linehaul. This means that paper-based checklists may not get back to the office, they may be lost, torn or illegible. When considering vehicle roadworthiness, it’s important to know of issues or faults as soon as possible. As drivers submit the checklist, alerts are raised instantly to allow maintenance staff to get ahead and jumpstart internal workflows to expedite the process to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive. Often, you are able to catch the vehicle before it leaves the depot.

The application, delivered directly via the iFace, allows the driver to view previously completed checklists. This can be added to the driver’s pre-start workflow to ensure that previously declared faults have been fixed prior to completing their checklist for the trip. This is an essential feature, especially when requested by road-side enforcement.

The checklists themselves, are created and managed all from the back-office, allowing you to create checklists to match and enhance existing processes and take your compliance efforts to the next level. With multiple question types available from yes/no and numerical inputs, you’re able to take this further by creating a workflow around questions answered by drivers that are marked as failed, and ask a further question and allow the driver to take a photo.

It’s an effective application that when paired with DIRECTOR’s maintenance module, offers a powerful way to optimise service schedules and keep your fleet maintained at the highest standards. With instant electronic reporting available, audits become a click of a button, giving you an easy and convenient way to comply and keep on top of your maintenance records.

Pre-Trip Checklist gives transport operators the ability to pick up on problems immediately and helps protect your drivers while it keeps your vehicles safely on the road.


Pre-Trip Key Features & Benefits

  Easily create and manage your own pre-trip checklists, and synchronise with fleets at the click of a button.

  Back-office staff can review completed checklists and print, PDF or export records to Excel to ensure readiness for audits as required by the NHVAS.

  Creates a simple workflow for drivers to fill in information, take photos and submit checklists.

  Real-time alerts raised when faults are detected.

  Saves you time and effort for audits into your NHVAS Vehicle Maintenance accreditation.

Mass Manager Key Features & Benefits

  Ability to record axle group load or single quantity

  Options to configure your vehicle

  Real-time reports

  Simple and easy for operators to enter data

  No need to rekey data

  Productivity savings


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