pre-trip checklist and mass compliancepre-trip checklist and mass compliance

Mass Manager & Pre-Trip Checklist

Peace of mind in your NHVAS mass and maintenance compliance.

Mass Management Mass Compliance

Mass Manager

Mass Manager for NHVAS is Transtech’s latest offering to assist transport operators with the collection of NHVAS Mass Management information. Mass Manager provides drivers with the ability to record axle group mass and vehicle configuration directly on the iFace, along with trip details as required under NHVAS.

The information is available immediately in the office for printing or export to Excel ready for your NHVAS auditor. Mass Manager eliminates paperwork from the truck and the office at the same time. Productivity savings are made by not having to re-key data, which also results in higher accuracy of NHVAS data.

In response to industry feedback, Transtech has added the ability for the driver to display the last ten mass declarations recorded. This information can then be presented to an enforcement officer when requested. Back-office staff will continue to view the declarations through NextGen in real-time.

Pre-Trip Checklist Vehicle Maintenance

Pre-Trip Checklist

Pre-Trip Checklist for NHVAS ensures drivers are declaring readiness for duty and complying with Chain of Responsibility obligations. It allows the operating driver to go through a pre-defined checklist of vehicles safety in order to start their journey under the NHVAS rules.

Using NextGen, back office staff are able to see the results of the checklist once they have been completed, including the ability to print, save to PDF or export to Excel.


About the NHVAS

The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) was first offered to industry in 1999 as an alternative compliance scheme. It has since evolved as a formal process for recognising operators who have robust safety and other management systems in place. It is also increasingly being used to show compliance with general duty requirements under road transport law.

Heavy vehicle operators can apply for accreditation under the following NHVAS modules:

  • Mass Management.
  • Maintenance Management.
  • Fatigue Management: Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) option.
  • Fatigue Management: Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) option.

Transtech provide the tools to streamline NHVAS information collection leading to effective and efficient NHVAS management. With these Mass Management and Pre-Trip Checklist apps, operators are able to complete the NHVAS requirements with the ability to create audit reports at the click of a button. Back office staff are then able to see the results in real-time using the NextGen customer portal reporting system.


Key Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

 Ability to record axle group load or single quantity

 Options to configure your vehicle

 Real-time reports

 Simple and easy for operators to enter data

 No need to rekey data

 Productivity savings


 Transtech’s Mass Manager and Pre-Trip Checklist module

 Enrolment in the NHVAS


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