quickjobs job management delay and demurrage tracking


Measure delays in job pick-ups and deliveries

What is QuickJobs?

QuickJobs is a simple yet powerful job and demurrage tracking application that runs on the iFace.

It allows transport operators and drivers to time and measure delays in job deliveries (such as waiting in queues, delays due to machinery breakdowns etc.). No other technology on the market allows transport operators to do this as simply as using an in-vehicle touchscreen technology.

Demurrage delay

The Cost of Demurrage

QuickJobs allows transport operators to gather insight into efficiency and time management with regard to specific routes and jobs. Being able to track and measure detention or delays in real-time (known in the industry as ‘demurrage’) means that transport operators can accurately measure the time and cost of delays.

Demurrage can cost a transport operator an average of $400-$500 per hour. For larger companies especially, this can add up to significant amounts that previously could only be estimated.

QuickJobs adds to the functionality of the iFace, making it a truly all-in-one device addressing compliance management requirements.


Key Features

 Measure time spent in detention during a job pick-up or delivery

 Job and trip tracking in real-time

 Simple and intuitive for drivers to use

 Intelligent back-office reporting with map integration

 Savings in productivity

 Increase operational efficiencies



 Transtech’s iFace Gen2

 QuickJobs Application


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