smartjobs job management platform


A powerful, flexible yet simple job management platform

Job management is an integral part of many businesses. It’s important to effectively and efficiently manage jobs, allowing the operator to attain maximum profitability and maximise customer service.

No two operations are the same, differing like fingerprints; what works for one may not necessarily work for the other. Even between fleets in the same company, customer needs may vary, requiring a different workflow. SmartJobs helps operators manage the ever-expanding responsibilities of job control in the operation from Freight Management System integration through to PDA’s providing proof of delivery via signature or camera.

How can Transtech help? With SmartJobs, Transtech can provide a thorough, yet simple solution.

smartjobs job management platform

What is SmartJobs?

SmartJobs is Transtech’s flexible job management solution that is designed to operate stand-alone or in conjunction with a Freight Management System (FMS). It is a solution available on Android PDA’s and Transtech’s powerful iFace.

smartjobs job management system platform

What does SmartJobs give operators?

Jobs and run sheets are handled from an external Freight Management System*, taking the pain out of job management:

  • Access to NextGen provides a view into the status of each job within run sheets including real-time view of a driver’s progress.
  • Drivers gain access to utilising a device that takes care of job and run sheet details, allowing them to focus on driving safely and executing their work plan.
  • Allocators are able to manage jobs easier than ever. Drivers are provided with a concise display to complete their jobs on a given run sheet.
  • Data is available for KPI management and reporting.
  • Allows for customer service to benefit from real-time job and locational information and immediate access to POD information.

* Transtech supports many Freight Management Systems from CMS F2020 to Oracle JDE and others. Contact Transtech for details.

smartjobs job management platform

How does SmartJobs work?

All job information is synchronised between the back-office and the driver’s device including the FMS – it’s a powerful yet simple solution to manage jobs.

SmartJobs provides the ability to customise the workflow to meet operational needs and requirements. It’s a simple yet incredibly powerful approach; Transtech works with clients to specify and configure the application to suit their requirements.


Key Features

 Ability to connect with external Freight Management Systems or manage through NextGen.

 Options for barcode scanning, demurrage, navigation and proof of delivery (photo and sign on glass).

 See the driver and vehicle in action with a tracking view within each run sheet.

 A full and real-time window of detail into each run sheet and jobs within, including delivery details, PODs, items to deliver and more.

 Job and locational information are collated in real-time giving full report capabilities.


Key Benefits

 Designed for usability; takes a simple approach to job management.

 Simple and easy to use for both the driver and back-office.

 Customise the solution to individual needs and requirements.

 Available on Android PDA’s or the iFace.

 Provides the ability to view the run sheet as it is in progress.

 See jobs as they are delivered with real-time update of the job status and proof of delivery.

 One stop shop for your job requirements.

 Improves customer service.

 Ability for KPI management and reporting.

 Allows operators to take greater control over their business.


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