smartnav vehicle and truck navigation


Smart yet simple driver navigation to guide your vehicle to safety

SmartNav by Transtech, a solution that elegantly guides vehicles through the most difficult of operations and areas around Australia. Transtech continues to provide innovative solutions for customers. SmartNav does so, with concise and simple navigation, clearly marked routes and all necessary distance and time-based information.

SmartNav can be further extended with SpeedAssist, which uses Australian road map data to understand the sign-posted speed and warns drivers when they exceed the limit or by company-level pre-determined thresholds.

smarnav split screen with speed assist

SmartNav + SpeedAssist

SmartNav seamlessly integrates with SpeedAssist, Transtech’s speed compliance application. When paired, the two applications become a powerful combination to assist the driver to their destination, safer then ever.

smartnav vehicle and truck navigation

SmartNav Crane Edition

SmartNav from Transtech provides a powerful navigation tool to assist drivers in maintaining compliance under the relevant permits for cranes. SmartNav uses Transtech’s iFace in-cab touchscreen to provide turn by turn navigation for drivers, routing vehicles away from roads excluded under IAP.

Navigating to an address will ensure excluded roads under the program are not included in the route. Roads that are unavailable will also be displayed on the map if the user is simply in map view mode rather than routing to an address.


Key Features & Benefits

 Supports NSW Level 1 – 4 cranes and
NSW Level 4 crane (12 tonne axle)

 Supports QLD Class 1 and 2 cranes

 Save and re-use itineraries

 Over the air updates of new road restrictions

 Touchscreen operation via iFace

 Full turn by turn navigation for drivers



 Transtech SmartNav software module

 Enrolment in the IAP

 Relevant permits for NSW and QLD


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