SmartNav Route Adherence

In conjunction with Transport Certification Australia (TCA) and VicRoads, Transtech is currently developing a solution that utilises the heavy-vehicle road network, from B-Double & HML through to the crane-network, to assure drivers are travelling on the correct roads.

For a heavy vehicle driver, getting from A to B isn’t as easy as it would be in a car or van.

Heavy vehicles only have access to a subset of roads that a normal car has access to. Restrictions come in the form of permits, bridge weight limits, narrow roads, round-a-bouts, low height limits; the list goes on.

The heavier or longer the vehicle is, the more restricted the road network becomes.

road network access

Road network and route restrictions are currently only available to view on paper-based maps, or via the internet.

But there are no tools available that will interactively allow a driver to route using the subset of the road network that is available to their vehicle type.

Transtech is aiming to bring you a solution that aims to provide a wide variety of functionality, applicable across multiple industries that utilize navigation & routing in one way or another. This can be in the way of:

  • Regulatory compliance that dictates available road networks based on heavy-vehicle attributes such as mass, physical vehicle characteristics, payload type and so on
  • Avoiding protected assets, such a sub-standard bridges, or of risk-based factors that are difficult for vehicles to navigate, such as steep hills and sharp turns
  • Defined routes to adhere to for special purpose applications such as dangerous goods delivery or train replacement bus lines; or
  • Custom routes where strict routes are defined, such as couriering, job/task based routes and milk runs.

The most important feature to come is instant alerting to the driver and the back-office staff when off-route situations occur. SmartNav instantly kicks into gear to safely and compliantly re-route the driver via roads that are suitable for the vehicle and application. Furthermore, it provides the ability for planners to create a defined route or to define a network of roads that a driver may use.


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