The simplest way to help drivers comply with
speed limits on the Australian road network

Operators are required by law to manage speed, utilising a range of techniques and systems, from Intelligent Speed Management (ISM) to incentive programs. The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation dictates that everyone from the driver to the CEO is responsible for speed compliance within the organisation, keeping Australian roads safe.

Traditionally our society, including Australian law enforcement, has relied on drivers being deterred by speeding infringements and loss of demerit points. Whilst this reactive method is a successful way of penalising drivers, recent research has demonstrated that proactive speed management clearly has a greater impact.

What is SpeedAssist?

SpeedAssist is a driver tool that provides a simple and powerful interface to assist drivers in maintaining safe driving practices. It combines audio and visual tools and alerts to inform drivers of related issues and allow them to take preventative measures.

Speed management is a fundamental aspect of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements for the transport and logistics industry. Transtech’s SpeedAssist significantly assists Transport Operators in maintaining their due diligence under Chain of Responsibility.

Speed Assist Speed Compliance Speed Management

Intelligent Speed Management

Intelligent Speed Management (ISM) is a set of minimum operating requirements necessary to accurately measure vehicle speed using GPS enabled devices. ISM provides the tools for transport operators to create responsible driving incentive programs, helping reduce the number of infringements and demerit points gained due to excessive speeding. This proactive approach by operators is a great and responsible technique for the management of compliance within the Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

SpeedAssist is a solution designed to work in conjunction with the powerful iFace, an in-cabin touchscreen tablet. It uses Australian road map data to understand the signposted limits and warns drivers when they exceed the limit. Alternately, a company may choose to allow drivers to set pre-set speeds and are warned when they exceed the chosen speed. The flexible and simple operation also allows this threshold to be quickly changed for speed restricted operations such as container parks or wharf access.

The operation of the application allows for two styles of thresholds to be set. A company threshold and a driver threshold, where this driver threshold cannot exceed the company threshold.

SpeedAssist delivers event information to Fleet Managers and back-office administration staff to alert on excessive speed, location, duration and even information like a change in altitude (for example, driving down a long hill).

This intelligent and non-intrusive solution is designed to aid drivers rather than hinder their day-to-day driving tasks. Contact Transtech for further information regarding SpeedAssist or other compliance based solutions.


Key Features & Benefits

  In-cab touchscreen based technology for simple user interaction.

  Set pre-defined speeds via simple touchscreen actions.

  Picks up the current road sign-posted speed limit.

  Ability to set a corporate threshold that can’t be over-ridden.

  Operates on Transtech’s iFace Gen2 in-cab computing platform.

  Notifies driver when GPS signal is low or ‘untrusted’ and speed is not displayed.

  Back office alerting with in-depth view on the speed event.

  Provides the basis to assist adherence to COR requirements.

  Audio and visual tools alert drivers to potential issues.

  Different presets can be set for different roads or areas.

  Easy to use interface minimises or negates driver training issues.

  Corporate wide thresholds can be set for all vehicles.

  Updates are provided ‘over-the-air’ to reduce maintenance tasks.


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