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Vehicle Performance Monitor

Vehicle and driver behaviour monitoring tool

Equipment is a major capital cost for all transport companies, from owner-driver through to multi-fleet national operations. Increasing the longevity of assets helps operators get a better return on their investment, while decreasing the cost of capital per kilometre and ongoing running costs.


Fuel, maintenance and general wear-and-tear costs are expected, but what if they can be reduced? What if your total fuel bill could reduce by 5% or even up to 10%? What effect would that have on profitability? How can operating costs be reduced? Viewing vehicle performance and changing driver behaviour is one way.

Transtech’s Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM) is a tool that provides information on issues that affect the performance of individual vehicles. VPM enables operators, their back-office staff and managers to monitor vehicle performance and driver behaviour, allowing for appropriate action to be taken as issues occur.

When paired with the iFace, VPM assists drivers in monitoring and practicing efficient driving techniques. The iFace is an interface that provides a way for drivers to declare mass, manage their fatigue, assists in adherence to speed limits, navigation and much more.

With the information VPM provides, operators are able to proactively reward good driver behaviour and offer behavioural incentives based on sound cost saving metrics. The increased visibility into driver and vehicle efficiency encourages proactive management of operating equipment.

vehicle performance monitor

What does VPM measure?


Excessive Acceleration. Allows operators to monitor behaviour around vehicle acceleration. Operators are able to see a full list of events within the breached threshold set in the reporting parameters.


Fuel Consumption & Usage. Provides operators with insight into where and how a vehicle is excessively using fuel.


Harsh Braking. Allows operators to analyse a driver’s sudden deceleration of the operating vehicle.


Idle Times. Allows operators to select an idle threshold and displays comprehensive details of vehicles idling over the chosen threshold.


Over Revving. Monitors excessive revving above a chosen threshold.

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Coming Soon: Tyre Pressure! Gain a view into all of the tyre pressure records.

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Coming Soon: Diagnostic Trouble Codes! Gives you a view of all trouble codes records.

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Coming Soon: Engine Coolant Over Temperature! Allows you to view vehicles that have exceeded a chosen engine coolant temperature metric.

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Coming Soon: Engine Oil Over Temperature! Allows you to view vehicles that have exceeded a chosen engine oil temperature metric.

vehicle performance driver behaviour

Vehicle Performance Monitor for the Back Office

NextGen provides information from a number of reports for operators through the Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM) module. The information is designed to assist transport operators, their back-office staff, managers and drivers with the ability to increase vehicle longevity, modify driver behaviour and reduce operating costs.

This is achieved through the real-time monitoring of driver behaviour and vehicle performance, providing the opportunity to take timely and appropriate action.

Each VPM metric provides a comprehensive list of all events within the chosen parameters – including excessive acceleration, fuel consumption, harsh braking, idle-time and over-revving. Individual events can be explored and analysed in detail to best inform the operator and meet reporting requirements. Summary information, speed versus altitude graphs, point-by-point map displays and second-by-second event data are some of the advanced features that can be analysed by the operators and their staff.


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