Transtech’s Solutions

Solutions to power modern transport operations

Transtech provide a range of solutions based on our enterprise grade NextGen platform. Transtech’s solutions range from compliance to mobility, providing visibility and job execution to complex routing and tracking based solutions.

Transtech prides itself on providing the utmost customer service. We’re available to you to answer any questions regarding our products, advice on how to best utilise them, or any problems you may encounter to get your fleet rolling quicker. Transtech stands by it’s products. We hold reverence in the fact that our products will achieve your goals quicker and easier.

Location Services

At Transtech we believe that location based information forms an integral part of nearly all our solutions. Our powerful location services allow GPS information to be integrated into business applications therefore adding that extra dimension of where events occured. Job management solutions combine the key attributes of location and time, ensuring accurate and reliable services to their clients.

In times of rapidly changing technology, Transtech are investing in new and innovative hardware platforms to ensure our solutions are future proof. Leveraging commercial products with custom applications provides a level of surety for our clients and maximises their investment in solutions.

At Transtech we believe that Tracking & Location information is key to successfully managing assets, increasing efficiencies and providing leading edge customer service. Location forms a key piece of information in determining ‘where’ things happen and augment the traditional metric of ‘when’ something happened. Transtech offers solutions that can add location to your existing business applications or provide off the shelf solutions such as our OnTrack solution.

Gaining access simply refers to the process a transport company would undertake to operate on specific routes utilising larger or unique vehicle combinations to increase payload. This means that vehicle combinations that may never have been possible at Higher Mass Limits (HML) can be used to realise efficiency and productivity gains.

Fatigue is one of the most important and highly legislated areas of the transport industry. Keeping on-top of driver fatigue can ensure all road users remain safe on Australian roads.Yet keeping up with Fatigue and a driver’s work diary can be difficult and is often fraught with difficulties, from counting time to incorrect use.

The Intelligent Access Program, IAP for short, is a program that allows transport operators to gain access to the road network and increased payload in return for monitoring of compliance with specific access conditions via approved telematics. Generally speaking, transport operators who participate in the IAP are granted with enhanced access to the road network by the relevant jurisdiction.

The Interim On-Board Mass (OBM) program provides operators with the opportunity to increase payload and utilise vehicle combinations that have not been previously possible, including PBS A-Doubles, Truck and Dogs along with Road Trains. It helps provide unprecedented access to local ports, increasing operational efficiency and gains in productivity. Gaining access can be a crucial move for an operator because it unlocks specific vehicles to complete specific tasks.

Speed Management is a fundamental aspect of the Chain of Responsibility requirements for transport and logistics companies. Transtech’s Speed Assist solution not only assists drivers, but also significantly assists Transport Operators in maintaining their due diligence under Chain of responsibility.

Combining Routing & Efficiency with GPS tracking allows companies to plan more efficient routes, monitor progress, and run performance analysis after the fact to further streamline operations. The key to receiving these benefits is to optimise all routes as a whole prior to dispatch and then to measure performance against the plan.