Certified Telematics Service

Mobile Integrated Compliance Solutions

Transtech is a leading provider of integrated mobile transport solutions. Our drive in development, technology and push for innovation is what makes Transtech first choice for many of Australia’s transport operators. Providing solutions to meet your every need, Transtech will work with you to gain every aspect of your transport operation to ensure the solution will see productivity and efficiency savings.

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) have recently launched the Certified Telematics Service (CTS), responding to calls provisioning an independently certified and audited telematics system and associated services. The CTS refers to a connected use of systems, using a combination of GPS, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The rapid growth in use of systems that utilise GPS has allowed transport operators to easily monitor the location and operation of vehicles and associated assets through telematic systems, providing measurable economic, environment and safety benefits. The CTS is a nationally-agreed suite of technical, functional, business and legal requirements, leveraging TCA’s established certification and audit program.

CTS provides transport operators with a number of benefits:

  • Accurate data or information
  • Telematic systems operate as intended through a certification and audit program
  • Flexible framework allowing for operators specific needs
  • Ensure privacy in your data/information

Transtech is a TCA certified telematics provider. Transtech’s continual drive for intelligent solutions and our ongoing commitment to compliance solutions, has and will continue to, provide transport operators with a reliable and dependable solution. Our second-to-none customer service, from the get-go, will assist you along the way with any questions, training and problems solving to get the solution up and running quicker than ever.