On-Board Mass Approved Scales Providers

Transtech strives to provide its customers with the utmost service with a truly unique range of products to best serve the operator and industry itself. Transtech has been an early adopter of providing OBM solutions since its inception in 2010 and it further solidifies Transtech’s commitment to the progression of safety and technology within the transport and logistics industry. This has led to a unique set of productivity and efficiency gains.

The Interim OBM program itself, has a vast number of benefits and it’s often an important step forward for any operator to consider.

Transtech has a range of partners of on-board scales providers that are approved for the Interim OBM program. This means the operator now has an even greater choice of scales that best suites the needs and requirements of the operator and the vehicle combination that is required. The following outlines the scales providers.

tramanco scales Name: Tramanco
Website: www.tramanco.com.au
Phone: 07 3892 2311
Email: info@tramanco.com.au
Tramanco is an Australian owned and operated technology company who produce state of the art Electronic Weighing and Data Logging Systems under the CHEK-WAY© brand name. After rigorous and extensive trials CHEK-WAY® was approved in September 2010 for the Interim OBM program trials in Queensland. This is due to their accuracy and tamper-evidency capabilities and compliance with all the requirements.

Tramanco designs and manufactures all of its own hardware and writes its own software which is specifically designed for Australian vehicle types, combinations, and operating conditions which makes it truly unique amongst all of the various electronic scale suppliers in Australia most of whom rely on overseas companies for their systems which are obviously designed to suit the various countries of origin of these systems.

e-max scales Name: E-Max
Website: www.e-max.com.au
Phone: 03 9758 5100
Email: info@e-max.com.au
E-Max (Aust) Pty Ltd has been the leader in innovative products and solutions for the Transport Industry for nearly 2 decades. E-Max has defined itself by manufacturing and sourcing the best technology solutions to Australia’s most important, vital and thriving industry. E-Max is renowned for manufacturing and sourcing only high quality products. The Air-Weigh scale range is a demonstration of this; E-Max having partnered Air-Weigh in the Asia Pacific region as their soul Master Distributor for more than 14 years. Air-Weigh is the global leader in on-board weighing technology, allowing seamless communication between prime movers, trailers and the OBM provider. There are no requirements for extra connections between the truck and trailers as the system communicates via FSK multiplexing on the existing cabling in the truck and trailers.
loadman scales Name: Loadman
Website: www.loadman.com.au
Phone: 1300 562 362
Email: info@loadman.com.au
The Loadman Can-Coder system with Loadman LM300 meter uses load cell and air transducer sensor technology. It is programmed to provide steer and drive weights of the prime mover along with the axle group weights for trailers plus the GCM.

The Can-Coders enable the axle group calibration to be held on the trailer to enable trailer swapping with other prime movers with a compatible Loadman system. It is programmed with the registration number of the trailer, which generates data with a unique identifier. The system can also accommodate combination variations; when a trailer is dropped or added to a standard configuration along with fault alarms in case of lost connections. The solution has the capability of measuring 7 axle groups with steer axle weight as a calculation based on the drive axle weight.