Routing & Efficiency

Effective routing applications

Combining fleet routing optimisation with GPS tracking allows companies to plan more efficient routes, monitor progress, and run performance analysis after the fact to further streamline operations. The key to receiving these benefits is to optimise all routes as a whole prior to dispatch and then to measure performance against the plan.

Direct Route provides clients the ability to calculate the most optimal delivery or work route and execute this against the plan. Transtech integrates the optimal workplan seamlessly into our eProof job execution application and displays the real-time job events visually via our onTrack location and tracking solution.

Transtech Routing & Efficiency Products

Along with incorporating route optimisation into our customised client solutions, Transtech offers ‘out of the box’ products.

Key Benefits

Route Optimisation offers very immediate and measurable benefits to organisations in the Transport and Logistics sector. These include:

  Bottom line impact on profitability via reduced transport costs

  Service benefits to your customers

  Greater predictability of service levels

  Empirical data for planning, fostering continuous improvements

  Revenue gains through greater efficiencies

  Greater control over fatigue requirements

  Fleet optimisation