Tracking & Location

Location Management and its application in modern transport

Historically, tracking was all about a dot on a map. Over the past decade, transport and logistic operations have become far more complex and diverse, resulting in a requirement to know far more than just where an asset is located. Along with increasingly stringent obligations and the changing face of compliance laws, the growing availability of tracking and locational information requires expert handling.

Transtech has combined and automated critical information components. This has lead to a range of solutions that can provide accurate and dependable information, information on where and when the event occurred, by whom, for how long, what occurred, what happened before and after and much more. This increases the scope of visibility to the operator, providing real-time data for real-time decisions with an immediate return on investment.

This data is communicated in a number of ways. These include automated emails, live notifications or through thorough reports. The real-time data is collected by NextGen and interpreted into relevant information. This is then passed through an advanced alerts engine, customisable to operator and management needs.


How it all works

Data is sent from the iFace, a 7” in-vehicle tablet, and/or the IVU, an IAP approved fleet management and vehicle location ‘black box’. The information collected by these devices is transmitted immediately through to back-office administrative staff, enabling increased visibility to manage and track operations. The iFace is both user-friendly and practical for drivers, with easy touch applications making for more efficient operations for the driver.

The iFace is paired with NextGen, Transtech’s information and reporting portal for fleets and compliance. NextGen is a cloud-based solution; this allows for 24/7 access to operators, management and their administrative staff, as long as there is an Internet connection. NextGen collects the information as events occur, enhancing traditional tracking capabilities with real-time information previously unseen.

Importantly, having access to a wide range of information provides the ability to make immediate decisions and increases the capacity for a greater return on investment. Since the information is in the cloud, no expensive on-site IT infrastructure is required.

Location-based information is key to successfully managing assets. It increases operational efficiencies and improves productivity. Transtech provides a suite of world-class products along with intuitive training programs and excellent customer service.

Key Benefits

  Visual and audio alerts for drivers based on their current location, fatigue status, speed and more on the iFace.

  Immediate answers for back-office administration staff and their managers to speed up the decision-making process.

  Powerful data driving reporting and business intelligence.

  Opens visibility for driving paths taken, providing the information to help optimise routes and schedules.

  Real-time reports for compliance and legislative solutions such as IAP, NHVAS, fatigue management and load monitoring.

  The use of NextGen provides a view of the entire operation previously unseen from tracking and fleet management through to compliance reporting and real time alerts.

  Simple and intuitive system with ongoing customer support.

  A comprehensive training suite available 24/7.