Coogee Chemicals eager to take on telematics

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Coogee Chemicals Telematics Compliance Routes CoR Chain of Responsibility

Established in 1971, Coogee Chemicals is a well-respected dangerous goods manufacturer and terminals company based in Kwinana, Western Australia. The large fleet of prime movers, including more than thirty dedicated dangerous goods road tankers delivering goods across the state. Coogee chemicals go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their staff and the general public is paramount at all times when carting these dangerous liquids around WA and Australia.

Coogee Chemicals is constantly looking for innovative, intelligent solutions to improve efficiency and reduce the overall running cost of the fleet in a safe and sustainable manner.

Coogee looked for a telematics provider that could meet their very stringent compliance and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations when carting extremely dangerous goods. Along with driver fatigue management and pre and post-trip check sequences, there was a need for a detailed trip plan.

This trip plan would need to include specific navigation routes to avoid certain areas such as schools, hospitals and built up areas through to speed limits, correct tyre pressure and more. The system needed to monitor this very accurately and take immediate action when a breach was to occur or an event/alarm be triggered.

Approaching Transtech in early 2015 with these requirements, Coogee installed telematics into each vehicle. Transtech’s Type-Certified IVU connects to the Vehicle Performance Monitor (VPM), speed siren and asset tracker. This combination is paired with the iFace, to provide the driver with an all-in-one monitor for real-time visual and audible alerts as the journey progresses. The driver can complete their run assured that they remain compliant and operate safely and efficiently.

To address the dangerous goods trip planning needs, Transtech’s team created Journey Planner, the latest solution available in NextGen. The module allows Coogee Chemicals to create routes via an easy-to-use route builder for vehicles to navigate through to their destination. Once a journey is commenced, both the driver and back-office are notified immediately (to the second) when the vehicle has gone off and back on the route. This solution provides the means for both the driver and operational staff to ensure compliance.

“Coogee Chemicals played a major part in the success of Journey Planner’s introduction. Once it was developed, Coogee’s dedicated back-office team and drivers thoroughly tested the solution to ensure it met their requirements,” said Paul Weiss, Transtech’s Business Development Manager.

Coogee Chemicals management team is also constantly looking for ways to reduce running costs, including fuel and tyre wear. The strategy? Vehicle and driver performance monitoring via VPM. Connected to the IVU, VPM is an engine management solution that monitors vehicle and driver performance in real-time.

Data is communicated and analysed immediately via NextGen to produce detailed reports. This allows operators to keep an eye on metrics such as harsh braking, excessive acceleration, fuel rate & usage, over revving, idle time and tyre pressure. With on-going support and analysis, Coogee’s management team is able to ensure operating vehicles run at maximum efficiency to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

With telematics well and truly taken successfully onboard throughout their fleet and Journey Planner solving route compliance issues, Coogee Chemicals now has access to a powerful system of collecting, analysis and reporting data to improve the safety and efficiency in the operation. In addition, the system has made it easy to change drivers and bring on new drivers.