IOR Petroleum’s Productivity Gains with its New PBS Tankers

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Performance Based Standards (PBS), originally set out by the National Transport Commission (NTC) in 2007, allow transport operators to design and develop vehicle combinations outside of the standard regulations. The NHVR has since taken the reins and approve vehicles on a case-by-case basis.

Taking advantage of this scheme, IOR Petroleum’s new PBS tankers have increased productivity and efficiency in their business and join over 3,300 PBS-approved heavy vehicle combinations in Australia today. The PBS combination developed for IOR are 39.9m AB-triples of 118 tonnes GVM at Higher Mass Limits (HML). This feat was achieved with Transtech’s IAP services; each vehicle is fitted with a type-certified In-Vehicle Unit (IVU). The combination has been designed to split and be recombined during the route, based on access requirements.

One particular route completed transports diesel from Brisbane to IOR’s 24/7 fuel stops in regional Queensland. The vehicle returns to Brisbane delivering a range of solvents and specialty fuels from IOR’s own refinery in Eromanga. This route starts with a single tanker and a separate B-Double unit, which later combine west from Toowoomba into an AB-Triple, while the second prime mover takes on local deliveries until the AB-Triple returns. “It makes a significant difference to be able to do the work of two combinations with just the one,” said Glenn Baird, Project Manager at IOR.

The progressive nature of IOR has driven the company to employ forward-thinking measures to meet efficiency goals. Since using the PBS AB-Triples, IOR has seen a reduction of truck movements by 22% and has reduced kilometres travelled by 42%. “The B-Doubles alone give us a 10% productivity improvement,” said Baird.

IOR collaboration with the NHVR Access team and Transport & Main Roads (TMR) gave all parties confidence to grant approval to run under trial on a part of the road network that wasn’t previously permitted for combinations this size. For IOR, PBS has delivered clear benefits and will continue to do so into the future.

Transtech congratulate the IOR team on their achievement.

IOR Petroleum has over 30 years experience in supplying bulk fuel and energy solutions to the civil construction, heavy transport, agriculture, mining and resources, municipal government and aviation industries in Australia. From its Brisbane Head Office, IOR operates a network of over 50 unmanned 24/7 diesel stops throughout Australia and can deliver similar bulk fuel storage and management solutions to customers. To find out more about IOR Petroleum, visit their website at




Photos by Alice Mabin