M&A Taylor; A subcontractor’s journey to compliance

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M&A Taylor Transport Services P/L is an owner-driver based company from Altona, Victoria. Mark Taylor subcontracts to a number of local transport operators in the area, carting freight throughout the state and into New South Wales.

Pictured to the left is M&A Taylor’s 11-year-old Iveco Powerstar; a vehicle that has served its purpose extremely well over the years. Recently, M&A Taylor has sought to update to a new Kenworth T403. Both B-Doubles pictured are designed to run at Higher Mass Limits (HML). The combination allows for the ability to cart two 30ft containers or two 20ft containers.

Transtech has helped M&A Taylor gain access to the 68 tonne freight capacity on the vehicle through the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) on NSW roads. This combination doesn’t require IAP within the state of Victoria. Through the IAP, M&A Taylor has been able to freight more across the border, benefiting from the gains in productivity and efficiency.

The truck runs a number of Transtech’s technology solutions on board, including an IVU and an iFace, an in-cabin tablet. The iFace is running Transtech’s compliance-based applications including:

  • Sentinel for fatigue management
  • Mass Manager for mass compliance
  • Pre-Trip Checklist for vehicle maintenance
  • SpeedAssist for speed compliance; and
  • IAP Declarations to declare IAP mass.

Through the use of telematics, M&A Taylor has been able to automate their compliance requirements. The subcontractor’s obligations to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) are met far more easily through the use of readily available technology.

“Compliance is extremely important to us. It helps provide us assurance that everything being freighted is done so with full regard to compliance requirements, ensuring a safe journey for myself and the community,” said Mark Taylor of M&A Taylor Transport Services.

The de-installation, refurbishment and re-installation

Richard Kuhlmorgen, Transtech’s Field Services Manager, travelled to Altona and met with Mark to de-install the equipment out of the Powerstar to refurbish at Transtech’s headquarters in Camberwell before re-installing in the new Kenworth T403.


Once the new Kenworth arrived a few weeks later, Richard was prompted for a return trip to re-install the refurbished equipment.
“Mark keeps a tight ship on compliance,” says Kuhlmorgen. “He’s a forward thinking operator who uses technology to augment his compliance efforts, and does so successfully.”

At each leg of the journey, M&A Taylor can ensure the vehicle is well maintained, the freight carried complies with mass requirements of the B-Double combination and fatigue information is always updated in the paper work diary and back-office NextGen platform, with the help of Sentinel. SpeedAssist helps Mark ensure he keeps safe driving practices by maintaining the road speed limits.

Pictured to the left is the Kenworth T403 with custom scroll paintwork along with the same B-Double trailer combination previously seen on the Iveco Powerstar.