Porthaul finds productivity in PBS fleet

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Established in Portland (VIC) in 1990, Porthaul is a well-regarded figure in the bulk transport and civil contracting industries. Specialising in shipping requirements via the port of Portland, their large fleet of trucks provide the ability to move all types of freight throughout VIC, SA and NSW.

Porthaul strives to provide its customers with the most effective and efficient service to meet diverse transport requirements. Porthaul has introduced four PBS-approved modular A-Double tippers to its fleet to help increase productivity. At Higher Mass Limits (HML), achieved through the IAP, the new combination has a maximum payload of 85.5t, a whole seven tonne more than the previous quad-quad Super B-Doubles.

“These A-Doubles can transport pretty much anything we want, from hauling grain or fertiliser in the tubs, or removing the tubs to transport logs. We’ve diversified but haven’t had to add more equipment. In fact, we’ve taken about 20 per cent of our combinations off the road, because this configuration gets it done,” said Porthaul General Manager, James Williamson.

The vehicles are set up to run IAP, allowing for Porthaul to maximise payload. Fitted with Transtech’s Type-Certified IVU, Porthaul will be able to instantly switch to EWDs when they are introduced.

Porthaul’s new PBS fleet are also fitted with iFaces, which have been installed with Transtech’s suite of compliance applications (Sentinel, SpeedAssist, Mass Manager & Pre-Trip), in-vehicle electronic documents (Easydocs), delay tracking (QuickJobs), instant-messaging, alongside the ability to provide tracking & location services.

With this, Porthaul is maximising its ability to provide for its customers whilst ensuring their duty and obligations to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) are met. Porthaul’s back-office staff are able to login via NextGen to get real-time alerts, view reports, message drivers, send documents, locate vehicles and more.

“Porthaul is another example of operators looking to automate their NHVAS applications and increase payload, whilst also providing drivers with the ability to easily comply. More and more transport companies in the Portland area are looking to technology. Porthaul has just proven its forward-thinking nature with these new PBS-approved vehicle combinations,” said Paul Weiss, Transtech’s Business Development Manager.

So if you are looking to gain greater access or increase productivity, look no further than Transtech.