Scott Corp’s Chemtrans fleet in Altona

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Scott Corporation is renowned for its track record in safety; it provides a safe work culture for all its staff, drivers and customers. Scott Corp’s fleets, in this case – Chemtrans, have implemented Transtech’s complete compliance solution to help tackle safety and driver compliance issues head-on.


Chemtrans, operating out of Altona in Victoria, run a number of Scania R560’s. Each vehicle is kitted out with an In Vehicle Unit, iFace and Vehicle Performance Monitoring; whilst running Transtech’s suite of compliance applications including Sentinel, SpeedAssist, Pre-Trip Checklist and Mass Manager.

The fleet has also integrated SmartNav (navigation), Messaging and QuickJobs (demurrage & delay tracking) on the iFace to further compliment their compliance efforts.

For the back-office, Scott Corp has implemented geofencing and vehicle tracking via NextGen. This has allowed for visibility into vehicle locations & performance and driver behaviour through a number of advanced reports and alerts.

The installation

Taking up to 2.5 to 3 hours to complete per vehicle, each device is positioned within the immediate view of the driver without blocking his or her vision of the road.
In the cabin, the iFace is mounted where the rear-view mirror would be in a car. With SpeedAssist installed, the driver can easily get a view of their current speed and listen to audible advice on speed and navigation. Completing pre-trip checklists, recording delays, viewing and composing messages, entering an address for navigation and logging fatigue are all within reach when parked.


As you can see in the image, the iFace is mounted as previously described. To the right the panic switch is installed (switch with the red click cover). This ensures it is in a familiar spot and within quick reach of the driver for when it’s required under moments of duress.

In the pocket above the screen is the AC Charger in case the driver requires it. Behind the top of the dash (not pictured), the IVU is installed, along with the speed siren and VPM.

Scott Corporation is well respected in the industry for their constant eye on safety and compliance. They do the right thing by their drivers by providing them a means to comply, be it fatigue laws or speed regulations. They have a phenomenal track record for safety and Transtech is proud to help them on their journey,” said Paul Weiss, Business Development Manager at Transtech.

Transtech’s technology has had a great uptake with our drivers and staff. The end-to-end integration of compliance has allowed for real-time visibility into driver fatigue, driving habits and even such simple things as automating the pre-trip checklists. It has made safety and compliance a simpler task,” said Adrian Colonico, Victorian Operations Manager at Chemtrans (Scott Corporation).