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Effectively and efficiently managing jobs helps maximise profitability and customer service.

No two operations are the same, differing like fingerprints; what works for one may not necessarily work for the other.

Tradelink required a job management system that could adapt to them. Even though the workflow was simple, they required a solution that could scale and expand as they did; both robust and simple in nature.


The Problem

Tradelink is one of Australia’s biggest names in plumbing supplies for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Tradelink had a number of issues surrounding the requirement for a job management solution.

  • Lack of visibility across branches
  • Inability to see where a vehicle currently is or what delivery the driver is completing
  • A burdensome paper-based job system
  • Difficult to track paper-trail and loss of paperwork
  • Delays with invoicing after the the job is delivered
  • Issues with proof of delivery especially when no one is on-site to sign
  • Difficult to gather metrics such as kilometres travelled or the number of jobs completed
The Solution for Tradelink

The Solution

Tradelink, together with Transtech, analysed the problems faced and came up with a solution that was flexible and robust yet simple in nature – SmartJobs.

SmartJobs is an application that is delivered to Tradelink and its drivers via Motorola/Zebra TC55 PDAs with smartphone-like capabilities and pricing.

Along with GPS tracking and Navigation, SmartJobs provided an integrated link with Tradelink’s Job and Invoicing system.

SmartJobs provides Tradelink real-time job information to both the driver and the back-office staff.

The solution has allowed drivers to attain electronic proof of delivery, from sign on glass to photo as proof of delivery when no one is on-site to sign.

“A flexible and future proof solution was delivered to Tradelink, who implemented the solution in stages”, said Paul Weiss, Business Development Manager at Transtech.

benefits for Tradelink

The Benefits

Tradelink were able to realise a world of benefits from the introduction of a electronic job management system.

  • Reduction in the time between delivery and invoicing
  • Ability to fully account for all jobs and deliveries. Nothing gets lost in translation
  • Visibility into vehicle movements
  • Modern insights into the operation of the business
  • Easily extractable metrics and reports
  • Ability to allocate jobs on the fly or update runsheets on the go
  • Reduction in disputes over proof of delivery


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