Zarb Road Transport in Mackay

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Zarb Road Transport is based in North Queensland, operating on a continuous 24/7 schedule for around six months of the year, during the sugar cane season.


To fight the challenge this brings, Zarb has introduced Transtech’s Sentinel fatigue management and vehicle pre-trip checklist solution to help prevent driver fatigue breaches and help manage the daily maintenance and condition of its operating fleet.

Zarb always keeps compliance in mind and have a constant eye for the future. They aim to keep their drivers safe at all times, whilst the vehicles are well maintained to reduce the amount of breakdowns. This helps ensure Zarb is able to continue operating around the clock with little to no glitches. Sentinel and pre-trip checklists have helped give visibility into real-time driver fatigue information and the condition of their vehicles on a daily basis.


Along with this, Zarb also has gained IAP road network access and have integrated an on-board mass solution to utilise PBS vehicles for improved efficiencies. Zarb operates using Hex-Dog combinations. Nine of these vehicles run out of Zarb’s Mackay depot carrying a maximum capacity of up to 65 tonne. There are two main advantages of these combinations over a typical B-Double; it is much cheaper to run as registration costs are easily half and they are also much lighter, meaning there are payload advantages. These vehicles move raw sugar from the mills to Mackay Port for export.

“It’s always a pleasure to head up to Zarb and do any maintenance work, annual IAP inspections and installations. A family style operation with a professional attitude and many generations of expertise carting sugar. Zarb Transport are a passionate bunch who keep their vehicles and equipment in prime condition.” said Richard Kuhlmorgen, Field Services Manager at Transtech.