— Mark Wintle, Scott Corporation

3 July, 2015

“We could have gone with a cheaper non-certified system but did not want to risk compromising on the reliability and customer support that comes from TCA Type-Approved InVehicle Units (IVUs), and by having an IAP Service Provider certified by TCA.”

“While IAP provides us with access to the HML network, our IAP Service Provider also provides us with important services that are indispensable for the management of our operations including: driver fatigue, speed and OHS, all through an assured system, which is accurate, reliable and robust.”

“Aside from helping us manage our operations, IAP access to the HML network has allowed us to carry approximately 2.5 tonnes more per load. Based on 14,000 loads per month, we achieve an additional payload of 420,000 tonnes per year. That is a saving of around 12,500 truck movements a year meaning we need 2-3 fewer trucks for our operation.”