— Peter Hart, Grainhart

3 July, 2015

“Aside from our commitment to leading edge trailer design and achieving the highest possible vehicle utilisation, Grainhart Transport has also committed to the latest in on-board technology.”

“We worked closely with Transtech Driven, which has been certified as an IAP-SP by Transport Certification Australia (TCA). Transtech Driven has co-ordinated the installation of both the IAP and the Tramanco OBM weighing equipment on all our PBS-2B vehicles.”

“Transtech Driven worked closely with us to develop a sound understanding of our business, operational and technical needs, and were able to deliver an integrated system that could provide both TMR and Grainhart Transport with the highest available assurance that we were complying with weight, route and speed conditions set as part of our road access conditions.”

“We were blown away by the OBM system, which allows us to ensure gross, and axle group limits are not breached, while also ensuring that we can get the ideal load distribution to the maximum allowable payload under approved access conditions.”

“The live OBM system has done away with all the headaches associated with conservatively underloading or inadvertently overloading, because we know exactly what weight our vehicles are carrying at any given time.”

“Our on-board equipment also assists with back office operations. We can communicate with our drivers, we know exactly where our trucks are all the time and we know whether there are any delays loading, unloading or on the road.”