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Transtech provides a wide variety of solutions that can help meet your requirements. Our solutions range from the iFace, a 7" in-cabin touchscreen device, to NextGen, an information and reporting portal for fleets and compliance. What ever your requirements, Transtech has you covered.

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Transtech becomes the first to obtain TCA Type-Approval for its current range of In-Vehicle Units

20 July, 2015

Transtech’s In-Vehicle Units (IVU) have become the first in Australia to be Type-Approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA). The use of Type-Approved IVUs ensure Transtech’s customers continue to obtain strong assurance in the use of its telematics, peace of mind for its services and a platform for the future.

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Introducing Sentinel 4! Transtech’s fatigue management platform gets a new look and a significant boost.

30 June, 2015

Sentinel, Transtech’s Electronic Work Diary (EWD), gives operators a fresh new look and a modern take into the complex world of fatigue compliance; helping both back-office staff and drivers to manage their obligations to Australia’s fatigue laws and the Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

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Visit Transtech at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show!

29 April, 2015

At the Brisbane Truck Show, Transtech is showcasing the future of Compliance & Technology and Access & Higher Mass Limits.

Transtech has been at the forefront of technology and transport for over 25 years. This unique combination has led to high-quality integrated compliance and mobile solutions, which will be on display at the show. It is technology that empowers drivers to manage their own compliance and businesses with powerful information at their fingertips.

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Higher Mass Limits in New South Wales

12 March, 2015

New South Wales Minister for Roads and Freight, the Hon. Duncan Gay and NHVR Chief Executive Sal Petroccitto made an exciting announcement at the recent Livestock & Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) Conference in Jindabyne. In NSW, the process for accessing Higher Mass Limits (HML) programs will become a considerably simpler and more efficient process for Transport Operators.

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Transtech's state of the art products are utilised in over 350 of Australia’s leading and most-progressive transport operators. Their benefits are real, measurable and can provide instant return on investment.



Sentinel Electronic Work Diary

Mass Manager
& Pre-Trip



Vehicle Performance Monitor

Introducing Sentinel 4, the future of fatigue management

30 June, 2015

Sentinel is Transtech’s flagship fatigue management platform that has been utilised in some of Australia’s biggest and most progressive transport and logistics operators. It has been helping both the back-office staff and drivers to manage their obligations to Australia’s fatigue laws.

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The benefits of an effectively managed introduction to technology

23 June, 2015

Transport operators are required to safely manage their drivers and their tasks under the Chain of Responsibility. It is often perceived as a cumbersome duty, yet technology has proven itself as an important tool and resource for both drivers and the back-office.

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HML Access Simplified in NSW

7 April, 2015

Are you looking to increase your vehicle’s payload? The process for accessing Higher Mass Limits (HML) in NSW has become considerably simpler and more efficient for transport operators.

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A Modern Approach to Speed Monitoring

23 March, 2015

For owner-drivers through to multi-fleet national operators today, there are many proactive mechanisms to measure and effectively monitor speed in real-time. However, reactive approaches are predominately practiced. Typically, reactive management techniques such as fines, demerit points and other workplace penalties have proven to be ineffective in altering driver behaviour towards speed.

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