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Transtech provides a wide variety of solutions that can help meet your requirements. Our solutions range from the iFace, a 7" in-cabin touchscreen device, to NextGen, an information and reporting portal for fleets and compliance. What ever your requirements, Transtech has you covered.

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Transtech is now approved to provide On Board Mass services nationally.

21 August, 2014

Transtech has now been granted approval by the TCA to provide real-time Interim OBM solutions to Victoria (VicRoads) and New South Wales (Roads and Maritime Services).

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Product Enhancement Notice | NextGen System Infrastructure Upgrade

6 August, 2014

NexGen’s system infrastructure update is due to occur between 9am and 5pm on Sunday, 10th of August, 2014. During this time, users will have no access to the NextGen website.

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Aberdeen’s new Fitzgerald Bridge on the New England Highway now open

27 June, 2014

After 18 months of construction, the new Fitzgerald Bridge on the New England Highway in Aberdeen is now open. The new bridge caters for Higher Mass Limits (HML), improving productivity by enabling more efficient and a more direct route through NSW.

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“Am I Compliant?” An initiative by Transtech

14 May, 2014

Transtech, the leader in transport compliance and mobility solutions, has launched Am I Compliant– a website focused on spreading knowledge about compliance, regulation, technology and safety to the transport and logistics industry.

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Transtech's state of the art products are utilised in over 350 of Australia’s leading and most-progressive transport operators. Their benefits are real, measurable and can provide instant return on investment.



Sentinel Electronic Work Diary

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& Pre-Trip



Vehicle Performance Monitor

Scott Corp’s Chemtrans fleet in Altona

1 September, 2014

Scott Corporation is renowned for its track record in safety; it provides a safe work culture for all its staff, drivers and customers. Scott Corp’s fleets, in this case – Chemtrans, have implemented Transtech’s complete compliance solution to help tackle safety and driver compliance issues head-on.

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What is Access? How gaining access can benefit your operation.

21 August, 2014

Access. It’s a term that’s heard all the time in the transport industry. What does it really mean? How can a transport operator engage jurisdictions to unlock benefits which may be unique to their operation?

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Zarb Road Transport in Mackay

31 July, 2014

Zarb Road Transport is based in North Queensland that operate on a continuous 24/7 schedule for around six months of the year, during the sugar cane season. To fight these challenges, Zarb has introduced Transtech’s Sentinel fatigue management and vehicle pre-trip checklist solution to help prevent driver fatigue breaches and help manage the daily maintenance and condition of its operating vehicles.

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The application of telematics and compliance within fleets

22 July, 2014

Fleets within the transport and logistics industry are as different as a human fingerprint. Telematics that work for one fleet may not work for another, even within the same operation. This has allowed telematics to be introduced across the board in varying ways, moving away from just linehaul operations.

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