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Transtech Driven is the premier provider of IAP services and provides services to the majority of transport operators under the program. Why is this? Read on to find out!

Transtech is a leading provider of integrated mobile transport solutions. Providing solutions to meet operators every need, Transtech will work with you to gain every aspect of your transport operation to ensure the solution will see productivity and efficiency savings. From NHVAS, IAP, OBM or CTS, Transtech is there to help your operation.

Transtech’s Sentinel solution is a tried and proven solution utilised by some of Australia’s most progressive transport and logistics operators. Sentinel ensures a Transport Operator is in the position to comply with the latest Fatigue laws implemented across Australia.

Transtech’s range of compliance solutions are deployed in some of Australia’s largest operators, providing time and efficiency savings and assisting in maintaining compliance with Chain of Responsibility and regulatory requirements.

Combining fleet routing optimisation with GPS tracking allows companies to plan more efficient routes, monitor progress, and run performance analysis after the fact to further streamline operations.

eProof and eSwap make it easy for companies to track their assets and ensure deliveries take place on time in full and to specification. Electronic Proof of Delivery with sign on glass or photo capture give a high level of confidence to customers that their product will be delivered as promised.

At Transtech we believe that location based information is key to successfully managing assets, increasing efficiencies and providing leading edge customer service.

Transtech’s PAYG transport fatigue and compliance solution is designed to make compliance technology affordable for all companies, from an owner-driver through to multi-fleet national operations. The solution provides a way for drivers, back-office administrative staff and managers to view real-time information.

Transtech News

The Changing Face of Tracking and Location Technology

2 April, 2014

Historically, tracking was all about a dot on a map. Over the past decade, transport and logistic operations have become far more complex and diverse, resulting in a requirement to know far more than just where an asset is located. Along with increasingly stringent obligations and the changing face of compliance laws, the growing availability [...]

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Hunter River Bridge on the New England Highway gets Higher Mass Limit access

13 March, 2014

The New England Hwy in NSW has been upgraded over the Hunter River at Aberdeen (near Scone, NSW) with a new bridge that allows for Higher Mass Limits (HML) and dual lanes. Scheduled for completion in April 2014, the new bridge will allow transport operators to use previously restricted vehicle combinations, such as B-Doubles, at HML between Sydney and Brisbane for the first time.

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The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

15 January, 2014

Heavy vehicle checking stations and on-road enforcement have increased inspections as of late 2013. A series of accidents around NSW and other states has prompted a crack down on vehicles that breach the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regulations including mass, fatigue, speed and maintenance.

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Transtech wishes you a safe and happy holiday!

20 December, 2013

2013 has been another successful yet solemn year for Transtech, filled with exciting new developments, innovative projects and new relationships formed.Some of the year’s highlights include the development and release of NextGen, exhibiting at the LBCA conference in March, launch of the new brand and look website and the success of the Brisbane Truck Show.

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Further road access on and east of the Newell Highway

19 December, 2013

B-Triples & AB-Triples Further road access on and east of the Newell Highway. August 2013 saw a real boost to productivity and efficiency in the transport and logistics industry. Transport operators were given road access to the Newell highway for modular B-Triples between Narrabri and Goondiwindi. Further to this, NSW Ports and Roads Minister Duncan [...]

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Reactive vs. Proactive Speed Management

5 December, 2013

Operators are required by law to manage speed, utilising a range of techniques and systems, from Intelligent Speed Management (ISM) to incentive programs. The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation dictates that everyone from the driver to the CEO is responsible for speed compliance within the organisation, keeping Australian roads safe.

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South East Queensland Hauliers (SEQH) is an industry-leading hauling company. Headquartered in Brisbane, SEQH provides container transpo...