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More than 500 leading transport and logistics companies throughout Australia currently use Transtech’s range of products. Transtech is committed to providing solutions to meet the needs of owner-drivers through to multi-fleet national operators.

Dedicated Customer Service Type Approved and Certified Technology Innovative Research & Development Team Applications Designed for the Transport Industry Quick Return on Investment

Dedicated Customer Service

Type Approved & Certified Technology

Innovative Research & Development Team

Applications Designed for the Transport Industry

Quick Return on Investment


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"Patrick pride ourselves on customer service, which is stated as one of our core business values."

"Our dealings with Transtech over the past 3 years have shown that our mobility supplier also takes great pride in providing p

– Cameron Murcutt, Patrick

Transtech's state of the art products are utilised in over 500 of Australia’s leading and most-progressive transport operators. Their benefits are real, measurable and can provide instant return on investment.



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Improved Access for Quad-Axle Semi Trailers in Victoria

30 June, 2016

Under the new access policy, a 20 metre PBS Quad-Axle Semi Trailers are now allowed to operate at 50.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). This specific vehicle combination will utilize the Class 2 Victorian road freight network; the same network as the Victorian HPFV for Quad-Quad B-Doubles at 77.5 tonne.

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The Importance of Initial Training & On-going Support

31 May, 2016

The introduction of telematics may not go as planned if the correct support procedures are not available for your staff. Support is as important as the technology itself, and can be the deciding factor in the ultimate success or failure of driver and staff buy-in. Remember, change is disconcerting for many people.

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Meet the all new Vehicle Maintenance module!

24 May, 2016

Manage vehicle maintenance schedules, add in completed schedule information, upload documents such as receipts and more. The simple structure of the module allows you to easily view and create schedules for vehicles, helping you stay on top of vehicle maintenance obligations for the NHVAS, the Chain of Responsibility and operational requirements.

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Effectively Manage Change when Introducing Technology

5 May, 2016

Technology has inspired the transport industry, with innovative and integrated solutions to fit multiple use-cases. The applications are infinite; we are only just starting to see what impact and potential telematics will truly have on the industry.

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The Importance of In-Vehicle Driver Technology

19 April, 2016

In-vehicle driver technology plays an extremely important part in a modern transport operation. No two operations are the same, meaning the implementation, application and technology requirements will be based on individual requirements.

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Transtech provides a wide variety of solutions that can help meet your requirements. Our solutions range from the iFace, a 7" in-cabin touchscreen device, to NextGen, an information and reporting portal for fleets and compliance. What ever your requirements, Transtech has you covered.

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Join leading transport operators today with Transtech's PAYG transport fatigue and compliance solution.

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