Transtech Training & Support

New to Transtech? Or are you an existing user looking for a refresher?

Transtech provides a comprehensive list of options to help you and your staff get up to scratch on how to best use the iFace, NextGen and associated solutions.


Knowledge Base

Transtech’s indepth training and knowledge centre, available 24/7.

Transtech’s Knowledge Base, is a complete training portal for you, your staff and drivers to jump in and find training videos, FAQs, user-guides, how-to articles and more.

Visit the portal today!


Online Training

Transtech’s training schedule has been designed to help you understand how the iFace and NextGen interact, to ensure that you and your staff know how to access the data that is important for your business.

Click on a Training Session that best suits you and fill in the online form. An email calendar reminder will be sent to your email address with details of the session and how to be a part of it.

Live online Webex Training Sessions
Training Session Topics Schedule Registration
NextGen Training NextGen, iFace basics, Pre-trip Checklist, Mass Manager, Sentinel 4 Tuesday 5th December 2017
15:15 AEST
Access Meeting
Q&A! A 30 minute session with one of our experienced trainers designed to answer any questions you may have (Meeting Password: Compliance123) Tuesday 12th December 2017
10:00 AEST
NextGen Training NextGen, iFace basics, Pre-trip Checklist, Mass Manager, Sentinel 4 Tuesday 12th December 2017
15:15 AEST
Please note that the last scheduled Training Sessions of 2017 will be on the 12th December. Sessions will resume on the 23rd January 2018. Individual Training Sessions can still be requested during this time using the form below.


One-on-One Support

Need a tailored training session? No problem! Get in touch today and we can organise with you, a personalised training session based on your support needs!

Simply fill in the form below to request an online training session with one of our expert customer service staff members.

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